WAN’s Public Policy Program

The Women’s AIDS Network initiated its Public Policy Program in 1992 to advance the agenda of HIV-positive women by empowering all women to speak for ourselves on HIV issues, by demanding more resources, by protecting and furthering our civil rights and by addressing our healthcare concerns.

Since 1992, WAN’s Public Policy Program has organized and facilitated meetings and public hearings with local, state and national legislators and policy makers regarding women and HIV. In 1994, we organized and conducted the first woman-focused – and first locally-based HIV public policy advocacy training – in the Bay Area. By empowering women with HIV and women who had never been involved in public policy advocacy, WAN heard the collective voices of women advocating for themselves in Sacramento (capitol of California) and Washington, DC. In 1997, WAN will hold our fourth set of trainings, expanding to include information on local community advocacy and training regarding participation on local community HIV planning bodies.

Working at both the state and national levels, in 1997 WAN will continue our development of a Women and HIV Public Policy Agenda. In addition, we will continue to specifically work on issues of mandatory testing of pregnant women and newborns and coercive zidovudine (AZT) treatment of pregnant women. We will also expand our prevention education efforts for women and will continue our ongoing efforts specifically on behalf of women who have sex with women and are at risk for HIV.

Federal Policies
Ryan White Care Act HIV Prevention Act of 1996


State Policies
Senate Bill 889